Finally, an Evangelical pastor who admits that Song of Solomon is talking about sex

Kudos to Pastor Andrew Shanks for admitting in this article that Song of Solomon is talking about sex and genitals.

However, because he is an evangelical pastor, he has to find some way to say that Song of Solomon could describe sex acts for pleasure and still not be writing erotica or pornography.

His argument is that Solomon was writing in order to describe beauty, instead of trying to inspire lust.

This is one more example of Evangelicals buying into Descartes mind-body dualism.   They know that they don’t believe this heresy when they are talking about it in any other context, but when talking about sex, they jump immediately to the assumption that erotic desire = lust versus love = spiritual desire.

A man may be erotically excited by the beauty of sex from other people without lusting for them.  Lust is desire out of control, it is desire that wishes to break God’s laws in order to be fulfilled.   But we understand that a man may admire the beauty of a house, a car, or a steak dinner, without wishing to steal them.  So also, a man may admire the beauty of the holy sex act of another couple and not desire to steal the woman from her husband.

Solomon clearly wished to show other the beauty of the sexual nature and sexual acts of the play’s participants (remember that this is not simply a poem, it is a play that was performed).  It is amazinng what contortions that even honest men go through in order to deny the obvious.

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