Gary Wilson (@YourBrainOnPorn) is a fraud, not a doctor, not a psychologist, not an expert

NOT a doctor

Peter warned against men who “through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you”.  The newest form of this treachery is in the Christian “Mindfulness” counselors who want to get paid in order to “cure” sincere Christian men’s “Porn Addiction”

The number one guy out there pushing this “Your Brain On Porn” is Gary Wilson.  Who is this guy?  Is he a doctor?  A Psychologist? NO

He is “adjunct faculty at Southern Oregon University, he taught anatomy and physiology labs.”  In other words, he was a minor tech in the anatomy lab at a 3rd rate state university.  Any medical student in the country knows more than him.  He has never been trained on how to evaluate studies for quality, or how to form a Clinical Based Evidence (CBE) question.

When deciding to become the leading “expert” of “Your Brain On Porn” he didn’t even bother to go back to school and get a doctoral degree in neurology or Psychology or Psychiatry.  No, “Gary’s passion is neuroscience, and he spends many hours scanning the Web and integrating the latest discoveries.”

I spent over a decade of my life becoming a psychiatrist so that I could help individuals.  But Gary became an “expert” for millions of people by using Google.  He does no original research.  A search of the National Institutes of Health reveal he has never published a single peer-reviewed article

National Institutes of Health search

This man is a fraud who makes money off of the guilt he imposes of sincere Christian Men


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