Heretics are excommunicated because of a cult mindset

For some time now, Jonah Goldberg of National Review (Twitter @JonahNRO) has been arguing against the cultic nature of the new conservative movement. It is now trendy to defend any behavior as long as it is on the republican “side” and it is the height of heresy to criticism the president, no matter how malicious, dishonest, or unconstitutional his actions might be.

The same spirit has taken over the conservative Christian church.  In fact the church may have begun it.  Whether discussing moderate alcohol consumption, young earth creationism, porn “addiction”, or whatever the trendy anti-world sermon of the moment, one cannot diverge from the party line on pain of excommunication.

This is not the first time that this sort of thing has happened.  During the Reformation people took sides of Consubstantiation, Transubstantion, Pansubstantion, etc based upon whether they were Calvinists, Lutherans, or Catholics and not based upon any understanding of the doctrines involved.  Similarly, every protestant had to believe in predestination because the Catholics believed in free-will.  In my childhood, we knew that the hippies were wrong, so women must not wear pants and men must not have long hair because that is what the hippies did.  Neither could we listen to rock music, watch Jesus Christ Superstar, or like Coca-cola to much (I’d like to teach the world to smile … It’s the real thing…)

I should note that all of these all-or-nothing demands were made because a great ENEMY was determined to be on the other side. Whether that enemy was the Pope, Hippies, or Democrats doesn’t matter. The key is that once we have determined that we have an ENEMY then all individual free-will and any free-thought must be stamped out on our side lest a heretic be allowed to weaken us in the WAR.

The original meaning of heresy is important.  A heresy is not, as usually supposed, an unapproved doctrine, but rather is a leader of a schism, of a group of people who don’t take orders from the top.    Strangely enough, the excommunication of the heretic is not enforced from the top – but rather by the common people.  John Wycliffe was protected by the Lollards despite being excommunicated.  It was only when the common people were worked up against the protestant enemy that Bloody Mary could proceed with her burnings.

This blog is promoting a heresy in this sense, the belief that erotica is holy and appropriate to view.  I have to write it under a pseudonym lest people in the church punish my family.

I fear for the future of my country

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