How to destroy a sincere Christian young man


Look how these good Christian sisters – Sisters who believe that they are trying to change the anti-sex reflex of Christianity destroy this honest young man.

He asks how he can find a wife who will be assured of a wife who will meet his sexual needs.  He “confesses” to masturbating every day and giving in to the “temptation” of porn.  Instead of helping him, they proceed to destroy his confidence in his faith. They tell him that he is not ready for marriage because he cannot “control” his porn “addiction”.

Again, this is a case where Christians directly contradict the Bible in trying to turn men into feminized, emasculated imitation of a man.  I Corinthians 7 tells us that marriage is for the purpose of directing the normal, biological drives. “It is better to marry than to burn.”  Yet these emasculating women tell him he shouldn’t get married until he can “control” himself.

Folks, stop trying to turn everyone into your idolatrous image of God and let God do his own work.

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