In Defense of #ChristianMorals, and #Eros

The nude form is pleasing to God AND man
Naked Prayer: Pleasing to God AND man

I want to make something perfectly clear.  I believe in Bible morals.   I don’t believe in traditions.  The polygamous marriage traditions of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon and most of the Old Testament saints were not God’s morals.  Abraham had sex with his wife’s handmaid and we are still suffering from the results.  Jacob had two wives and two concubines and, as a result, 10 brothers sold another into slavery.  David felt free to take any woman he wanted, and as a result murdered his friend.  Solomon felt free to take a 1000 women and they drew his heart away from God.

God has occasionally allowed men to depart from the perfect plan, but the result in their own lives and others is sadness and pain.  The perfect plan is, as Jesus said, One woman, One man for life.  Because of the difficulty of actually putting this into practice culture-wide, God allowed divorce – unintended serial monogamy.  But Jesus made clear that each time a couple fails to keep a family together and divorce, that they commit adultery.  Now, this adultery is not unforgivable.  But God makes it clear that breaking up a marriage is more like cutting off an arm than dissolving a partnership.

BUT if I don’t believe in the traditions of Abraham, David, and Solomon, neither do I believe in the traditions of Queen Victoria and “Dr.” James Dobson.   God put Solomon’s erotic song of love and sex in the Bible.  Therefore God, while warning us against Solomon’s adulterous ways, also endorsed his erotic arousal.

So this is what I believe God’s perfect marriage looks like.  One man rejoicing with the wife of his youth.  Both of them need not be ashamed of sex.  She watches Romantic movies and imagines herself in the arms of her perfect savior with chiseled abs, perfect buttocks, and nice long, hard penis.  So she drags him to bed and makes love.

Meanwhile the man sees his wife in every hot young thing that comes by and in every curvy girl around.  She is the wife of his youth and he never tires of her.   When he watches erotic movies or sees erotic pictures he sees his ideal wife, the wife of his dreams.  Of course he knows, intellectually, that she is growing older, but to him she is never old.

Now, the sex drive of both of these people needs feeding.  Without feeding, it will fade as they grow older.  Eventually they won’t remember how long it has been since they slept together. This has never happened to me, but I have had it reported to me by my patients.  So God gave man a way to feed that desire from the outside without violating the exclusivity of the bond.  He gave us erotic literature, erotic stories, erotic paintings, erotic statues, and yes, erotic pictures and movies.

Yes, the “Pornography” industry was born in the ’60’s after the Victorian age had shut down all holy erotica.   Even in Italy, the governments attached fig leaves over the gorgeous statues of the Renaissance and before.  Michelangelo’s David had his manliness covered – thereby hiding the whole point of the stature – IT IS UNCIRCUMCISED.

And so erotica was turned over to the ungodly.  And they took full advantage of their ownership.  Girl’s lives are destroyed forever.  A girl would be better off as a prostitute than a porn actress.  At least she can run away from prostitution.

How much better would it have been if the erotic art industry had Christians in it.  Christian married couples who acted in stories telling the glories of keeping within God’s guidelines.   Christians who would tell stories of holiness and the consequences of sin.   The writers of Christian Fiction would not be bound – as they are today – to never use a bad word or describe even a marriage bed scene, or a rape, or fornication or adultery gone wrong.

Do you know that Elijah cursed Ahab’s house by saying that he would kill all of Ahab’s family that “Pissed against a wall” (I Kings 21:21)  Did you know that Ezekial said that Israel – his wife – would go whoring after men who had cocks like donkey’s and who spurted like horses. (Ezek 23:20)

If Christian writer said something like that in her book, she would be banned from the Christian Bookstores.

It’s sad that, before the internet, the only place you could buy pornography was to sneak into some dirty bookstore where men hung around trying to catch each others eyes for a hookup.  The Christian bookstores ought to have a section of “Love and Sex” with beautiful nudity and wonderful stories of the glories of married erotic love.

Someone did make a trial of it.  “Gods and Prophets” tried to paint an accurate and Biblical picture of David, Saul, and Samuel.  It showed (gasp) titties.  So the churches all spoke against the show and it died after 2 episodes.

This “anti-porn” crusade is not a pro-Bible march.  It is a march against the Bible and against Godly morals.  It has left Christian men vulnerable by giving a commandment that they could not keep, and therefore casting them into the hands of those like Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner who wished to destroy their souls.

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