Lord Have Mercy! Baby’s got her blue jeans on.


Here’s a scenario to consider. A married Christian man sees a “Lord have mercy, Baby’s got her blue jeans on” lady on the street. His sexual desire is enflamed. Question, is his desire enflamed for just that woman, or for women in general and for his wife in particular. Will he think about ways to “get in her pants”? Will he proposition her? Will he wish that he had the social or economic status to successfully proposition her. Or will he go home and make love to his wife? If he turns his desire towards his wife, has he not done the healthy, Godly thing? Did not his wife benefit from the “pretty lady walkin’ down the street”? I submit that even if he looked a second and third time and appreciated the finely formed body of the lady, he did not lust after her if he had no intention or desire to have an affair with her. If he appreciated her fine looks and remembered when his wife looked that way (6 children and 25 years ago), then went home to make love to the wife who he remembers as very fine indeed, then he has acted as a Christian and will continue to have a healthy and fulfilled family life.

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