Losing both sides of the masculinity Debate

Heat Street has this article out


It is frustrating that this article is a surrender to both sides of the masculinity debate.

On the one side, we have boys being told to “not treat girls like sex objects.”

Hate to tell you this, but the reason that boys treat girls like sex objects is because they have cojones.  Until we create a race of people who sexless men, boys will always use the nearest girl for his masturbatory fantasy.  The horror of expecting boys to not think about girls as sex objects is happening on both sides of the “culture war”.  James Dobson expects boys to jerk off without thinking about girls.  On the other side, the Social Justice Warriors want boys to not be boys at all, but little eunuchs who only provide sperm down at the bank for properly informed lesbian couples to use to create “Heather has two mommies” properly socialized families.

On the other side, boys are allowed to use terms like “THOT” (that ho over there) because they are not being taught that you can sexually desire a female and still treat her with respect.

I don’t know about you, but I think Jesse Jane, Carter Cruise, and Riley Reid (if you don’t want to look at nekkid women, don’t do a google search on those names) deserve to be treated with respect just like my wife and daughter.  My Mama taught me never to use insulting terms about ANY woman.

To love and erotically desire women and still treat them with respect is the essence of masculinity.

2 thoughts on “Losing both sides of the masculinity Debate

  1. “To love and erotically desire women and still treat them with respect is the essence of masculinity.”

    This. And you don’t even have to be Christian. Although I’m glad to see a Christian endorsement of the sentiment. Stoics and Epicureans, and Illuminati types do as well.

    1. True, Christianity claims to teach Christ, who is the author of universal truth. If Christians had a monopoly on truth it wouldn’t be universal. Our claim is not that we are the only ones right, but rather that we have met the ultimate source of righteousness.

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