On sexual harassment and “immodest clothes”

Sexy workplace attire
Oh my! She’s a WOMAN!

Rush Limbaugh’s undeniable truth of life:  “The Women’s movement was formed to give ugly women access to the mainstream”

Instapundit notes that democrat Congresswoman Kaptur of Ohio has decided that women are dressing too immodestly in the workplace and this is why they are being harassed.

The fact is that, no matter where you draw the line, some women are going to be more attractive and dress more “immodestly” than others, and these women will get more positive attention than others.  The people who resent this the most are the other (especially ugly) women.

Congresswoman Kaptur (D-Ohio). For example

The muslims in sharia countries get erections when they see a woman’s bare face.  So, I am sure that the women of Afghanistan gossip about the young beautiful wife who wears her burqas too tight.

I know this is so because I used to belong to a strict evangelical church where the women were required to wear loose, long skirts and long sleeves.  There were still “immodest” girls who pushed the line by wearing high heels or who wore their long hair in particularly attractive styles. Who enforced the dress code most strongly?  The other women.

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