What REAL experts say about #porn

In Moderation Porn is Healthy

Huge amounts of destructive guilt is imposed upon healthy sincere Christian men for normal, Godly behavior – looking at and reading erotica, and despite what Grandma said, masturbation will not grow hair on your palms or strike you blind.

The guilt is unnecessary.  There is nothing wrong with textual and visual erotica.

  • God, himself, told us that sex is healthy and part of normal married life.
  • Masturbation is healthy and part of every man’s and most women’s lives.
  • Reading and looking at erotica is healthy and part of every man and woman’s life.

God told us this by giving instructions about what to do after masturbating and married sex (exactly the same thing – take a bath) (Lev 15:16-18).

God wrote erotica in the Song of Solomon with explicit descriptions of the female and male bodies and many depictions of sex acts, including fellatio, cunnilingus, and masturbation.

Christians and Jews in the ancient world were surrounded by and often created visual art depicting the nude form and sex acts, and yet there is no instruction to avoid seeing OR OWNING any of these pieces of art.

Gary Wilson (@YourBrainOnPorn) is a fraud, not a doctor, not a psychologist, not an expert

NOT a doctor

Peter warned against men who “through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you”.  The newest form of this treachery is in the Christian “Mindfulness” counselors who want to get paid in order to “cure” sincere Christian men’s “Porn Addiction”

The number one guy out there pushing this “Your Brain On Porn” is Gary Wilson.  Who is this guy?  Is he a doctor?  A Psychologist? NO


He is “adjunct faculty at Southern Oregon University, he taught anatomy and physiology labs.”  In other words, he was a minor tech in the anatomy lab at a 3rd rate state university.  Any medical student in the country knows more than him.  He has never been trained on how to evaluate studies for quality, or how to form a Clinical Based Evidence (CBE) question.

When deciding to become the leading “expert” of “Your Brain On Porn” he didn’t even bother to go back to school and get a doctoral degree in neurology or Psychology or Psychiatry.  No, “Gary’s passion is neuroscience, and he spends many hours scanning the Web and integrating the latest discoveries.”

I spent over a decade of my life becoming a psychiatrist so that I could help individuals.  But Gary became an “expert” for millions of people by using Google.  He does no original research.  A search of the National Institutes of Health reveal he has never published a single peer-reviewed article

National Institutes of Health search

This man is a fraud who makes money off of the guilt he imposes of sincere Christian Men


#Pornography decreases crime.

I know it will rain on some people’s parade, but pornography does not increase sex crimes.  In fact the opposite is true

Porn Decreases Sex Crimes

A study published in 2010 in “Archives of Sexual Behavior” showed that when porn became available in the Czech republic after decades of being outlawed the incidence of sex crimes went DOWN not up.  This echoes the same trend found in other countries like Denmark and Japan

When you compress men’s natural desires to view sex, the resultant explosion is not good for them or anyone else

Scientists do not believe “Your Brain On Porn” nonsense


Follow this link to see the it proven – Nonsense

People with higher libidos look at more porn – Who knew.

The studies supposedly “proving” porn addiction did not do before and after studies.  They just looked at people who viewed more porn and compared them with people who viewed less.  They discovered that WOW, people who looked at porn more liked sex.

Duh.  And this is wondeful fact is supposed to cause Christians to make up a new sin why?


Forget facts, My mind is made up #PostTruth

Just read NRO’s Jonah Goldberg’s eagerly awaited “G-File” for the week.  (@JonahNRO).  Jonah is always fun to read because he has an almost Jane Austin ability to make a phrase both insightful and funny.

But it is a shame that I already knew what I was going to read.  Because Jonah, like everyone else in America, already have their (our) minds made up.  The hearing this week didn’t change anyone’s opinions.  We all just took out the parts that supported our pre-existing opinions and used them to support.  My twitter feed (@EdLongshank) has both liberals and conservatives (since porn is bipartisan 🙂 and no one said yesterday, “Eureka, If I had known this I would have had a different opinion”

On other subjects that I have debated – Porn (this blog), Young Earth Creationism/Evolution, Medical Herbal remedies, Vaccinations – I have rarely met anyone who actually cared about the evidence.  More likely the would take William Jennings Bryan position (“The people of Nebraska are for free silver, so I am for free silver, I will come up with the reasons later”)

This has not always been so.  There was a day when a man could say – “Every man thinks he is right on everything, but experience teaches him that he is wrong on some.  He knows not which” (I don’t remember the source of this quote).  But few men ever says that anymore.   I have changed my mind on every one of the controversial issues listed above, but I know of few others who have.

I used to think that people believed things because they thought that they were true – otherwise they would not “believe” them.  I said this to a young patient the other day and she looked confused.  In her world belief is not a matter of truth, but of choice.  If you choose to “believe” something that you don’t BELIEVE IS TRUTH, then evidence is meaningless.

This is why the president’s new meme “FAKE NEWS” doesn’t mean untrue facts, it means “statements that I don’t like”

I won’t get into who started this.  I noticed it first during the OJ Simpson trial and it got worse during the Clinton years, but it was probably around before then.

I hate to be all apocalyptic and say, “THE END IS NIGH” but I think that it may be.

A “Christian” lying in defense of his #WarOnPorn

The studies quoted by Gary Wilson do not support the conclusions that he comes to.  His dishonesty is sad because he likely believes his conclusion and believes that he is serving God by his falsehood.  But God doesn’t need a liar to win his battles.

His conclusion is that porn USE is equivalent to ADDICTION and makes addictive changes in the brain.  This is simply not true.


Let’s go through his studies.  He states that EVERY study supports his conclusions and NO study contradicts it.   Is this true?

No it is not.  He is lying about EVERY SINGLE STUDY.



#1 Neuroscience of internet pornography addiction

Let’s see what this article says

It quotes the consensus of the Psychiatric research right now.

“Excessive use of the Internet not involving playing of online games (e.g., excessive use of social media, such as Facebook; viewing pornography online) is not considered analogous to Internet gaming disorder, and future research on other excessive uses of the Internet would need to follow similar guidelines as suggested herein.”

And then says that the newer studies indicate that Facebook, porn and other excessive uses could also be linked to Internet Gaming Disorder

In other words, this article is NOT stating that porn USE is addictive, but rather that porn CAN be addictive just as Internet Gaming, Facebook and twitter can be addictive.

The article specifically differentiates between HEALTHY men who view porn and UNHEALTHY men who are addicted.   It specifically compares it to other addictions like alcohol and gambling addiction.  That moderate use is NOT unhealthy.

He is lying about this study


#2 Sex Addiction as a Disease: Evidence for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Response to Critics (2015)

He states that this study takes on criticisms of Sex Addiction and debunks them.  And it does, but it does so in a way that he doesn’t want to admit

“Research on addictive behaviors, such as food addiction, gambling addition, and internet addiction, has continued to reveal that there are many common mechanisms. In fact, the brain reward circuitry exists to motivate people biologically to eat (food) and procreate (sex) to ensure individual and collective survival. ”

In other words, this article is stating that people CAN be addicted to sex just like they CAN be addicted to food, the internet, or gambling.  We don’t tell people that if they eat food then they are an addict, so also we shouldn’t tell me that if they see porn they will become an addict

#3 Neurobiology of Compulsive Sexual Behavior: Emerging Science (2016).

He quotes an article “proving” that some people have compulsive sexual behavior….. So what?  Immediately stop having sex or else!!!!!!!

I could go on, but the intellectual dishonesty is getting on my nerves.  I should hit one more, though.   The study mentioned in #1 that it “Critiques” is actually study #9.  Now, which is the one he wants us to pay attention to — #1 or #9.  I thought that all “agreed” and there was no study contradicting it.

Finally, the author is pulling the “Scientific Consensus” argument out of his bag.  Like the Global Warmists he tells the uneducated that we Scientists have decided and “The Science is Settled”  The problem with his statement is that these articles are arguing against one another and against the current consensus that Sex Addiction doesn’t exist.  If scientists are all in agreement, why are they critiquing one another’s studies.

I have seen a lot of Christians taking God’s name in vain by using his name to command us all to cease looking at erotica.  But this author changes his tactic and takes the name of Science in vain.  Maybe it’s not a sin, but it is more dishonest because everyone can read the Bible but only a few people can see his scientific lying.

Porn is not Addiction


Porn is no more an “addiction” than food, sugar, coffee or marital sex.  I say this not as a matter of opinion, but as a psychiatrist and a scientist.


People think “addicted” means anything that we use on a regular basis that is difficult or impossible to stop.   And, yes, by this definition porn is an addiction.  Christian men the world over have tried to resist this “tempation” and failed.  If you find a Christian who is declaring his victory, then you and he both know he isn’t victorious, he is just on hiatus.

But addiction requires something more than a need.  Because, as I said before, by this definition coffee, sugar, marital sex, food, and even sleep itself would be addiction.  Yes, there are people (for example diabetics) so addicted to sugar that they continue to use it despite the fact that it is literally killing them.

Addiction requires something else besides regular use, “Continued use DESPITE persistent or recurring social or interpersonal problems caused or made worse by use”

And here is where porn does not meet the definition for most men.  Oh yes, porn does cause difficulty in a marriage with a ball-busting woman raised in the modern feminized church.  But the problem, in that case, is not him, but her.  She is the one who is addicted to her self-righteousness that goes to women’s meetings where they discuss “intimacy issues” and get themselves aroused and then go home to a husband who does not have such a stimulus.  Instead, he goes to men’s meetings where his sexuality is attacked and insulted.  Where he is told to give up red meat and eat only gluten-free food and be a proper little eunuch.

In the normal course of of a healthy and Godly marriage, the man looks at porn 1 to 6 times each week, becomes aroused and makes love to his wife however many times each week that they find time and opportunity to do so.  It doesn’t cause a problem.  He is not unable to attend to his financial, career, or marital duties as a result of his porn use.

Therefore he is not addicted.

Now, I do have patients who look at porn and masturbate all day long, but this is rare and almost universally associated with mental retardation.  It can also be associated with extreme depression, but the problem goes away when you fix the depression.

I do find, however, any number of men who have driven themselves into a depression by the guilt placed upon their sexual behaviors, not by God, and not by the Bible, but rather by the men’s traditions or their church or their wife.