Why is the #WarOnPorn so popular?


Because it is a #WarOnMen

Let’s start with the “Undeniable Fact of Life”  All men look at nekkid wimmen.

This includes the most faithful Christian husband out there.  All studies say the same.  A man’s belief or lack of belief in God has no effect on his porn viewing habits.  Trying the “Pray away the porn” will never be successful.

If that is so, then why are all of these Christian wives working so hard and why is every Christian Men’s meeting at church take anti-porn agenda as their major goal.

Because Satan has snuck into our society a hatred of masculinity.  Every masculine attribute – hairy chests, hunting Bambi, working in a greasy mechanic’s garage, and, yes, looking at and talking about sex has been treated with disdain.  Now our Christian women gather in their women-only groups in their 80% women church with all of the other divorced women in the church and talk about how the problem is the MEN.

But the fact is, that men have quit trying to please these women.  They have retreated into perpetual bachelorhood where stripper bars, easy women, and porn meets their sexual needs.

The #WarOnMen has redefined porn as cheating and the result is men who have no choice but to cheat, since all of them (that is ALL of them) look at porn although most of them intended to be faithful husbands.

Thank God my wife likes my manhood (both literally and figuratively)

Why I couldn’t conquer my #PornAddiction

Watching Porn

For 40 years I tried to conquer my “Porn Addiction”  I would occasional confess all to my wife, other times sneak out to the magazine wrack. At times I made it whole months before falling back.

I finally realized why I couldn’t conquer it.  God won’t help you avoid that which he has created you to enjoy.

I am a psychiatrist and I deal with people’s addictions all of the time.  In order for something to be an addiction it has to have a significant negative effect on a person’s life.

But the fact is that the only negative effect porn has on a person’s life is the effect that is CREATED BY THE SHAME-ON-YOU attitude of OTHER PEOPLE.

Let me give an example.  Coffee and Sugar are “addictions” if you define them only as the brain having a certain dopamine reaction to their consumption.  If you imaged my brain, you would find that my wife is my “addiction” in the sense that I can’t stand not being with her, I would go into a severe withdrawal depression if she died.

When I married her, there was a lot of opposition from her family.  It caused a lot of difficulties between them.  But that did not make our love an “addiction” because the harm to our life was not from our love itself, but from other people’s reaction to it.

Similarly, when our Christian society gets over its unbiblical opposition to eroticism, then we will find out that porn is rarely an “addiction” at all.

The best sex lubricant


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For Holy Porn


So this article is how  porn has destroyed the lives of the actors and actresses.  I agree, many people have been destroyed by participating in porn.  But why is this?  Is it because erotica is bad, or is it because Christians have turned over this powerful tool to the sinners.

The Netflix movie “When porn Ends”  explores what happens in the lives of the porn actors and actresses.  Some of them have bad lives.

But WHY do they have bad lives.  Because the porn industry is “sinful” that is, the Christian churches have decided that you cannot be a Christian and be erotic (or masculine).

What if, just what if, we actually lived the life of the early Christians and Jews.  What if we had their attitude toward sex.  That sex within marriage was not only good, it was also not something to be hidden.  That seeing nudity (or being naked in public, like they often were) was not “public indecency”

Could Christian married couples make films that inluded porn and erotica, that showed them in holy sex.  Couldn’t we have a film that depicted married sex (without editing) as holy, that treated adultery (which could be depicted on scene with married actors) as something that would lead to sorrow and death.  Couldn’t we have #HolyPorn

Yes, right now that is not in existence.  But it could be, and it could be done quickly by any young Christian filmmaker who wanted to make a name for himself.

God wrote Porn

It’s time for all of these anti-porn Christians to admit that the Bible is full of “porn” (meaning erotica).

Oh, didn’t you love the Children’s song.  “His Banner over me is Love”

Um, folks.  A banner is on a um, pole.  So, the lover took his love into the “banqueting” room and provided her a “banner” to eat.

Then note this passage.

Song of Solomon 5:4 My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him.  I rose up to open to my beloved; and my hands dropped with myrrh, and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh, upon the handles of the lock. I opened to my beloved; but my beloved had withdrawn himself.

The Myrrh, here folks is not an herb, and the hole of the door is not made of wood.

And those references to Lily’s and gardens of lilies.  Folks, he wasn’t talking about flowers.


Losing both sides of the masculinity Debate

Furor Over Note Urging Female Students Not to Dress ‘Provocatively’ And ‘Distract’ the Boys

It is frustrating that this article is a surrender to both sides of the masculinity debate.

On the onside, we have boys being told to “not treat girls like sex objects.”

Hate to tell you this, but the reason that boys treat girls like sex objects is because they have cojones.  Until we create a race of people who sexless men, boys will always use the nearest girl for his masturbatory fantasy.  The horror of expecting boys to not think about girls as sex objects is happening on both sides of the “culture war”.  James Dobson expect boys to jerk off without thinking girls.  On the other side, the Social Justice Warriors want boys to not be boys at all, but little eunuchs who only provide sperm down at the bank for properly informed lesbian couples to use to create “Heather has two mommies” properly socialized families.

On the other side, boys are allows to use terms like “THOT” (that ho over there) because they are not being taught that you can sexually desire a female and still treat her with respect.

I don’t know about you, but I think Jesse Jane, Carter Cruise, and Riley Reid (if you don’t want to look at nekkid women, don’t do a google search on those names) deserve to be treated with respect just like my wife and daughter.  My Mama taught me never to use insulting terms about ANY woman.

To love and erotically desire women and still treat them with respect is the essence of masculinity.

The emasculating wife

Here is another example of a woman trying to make her husband a girl.  It’s not enough to have a faithful husband who loves her with all of her heart, works hard, supports the family, raises the kids, goes to church, loves God and would never, ever cheat on her, either in his heart, mind, or body.  No, he has to deny his manhood and cut off his balls for her.  He has to pretend that he doesn’t like looking at nekkid wemmin

It’s sad that the church backs this.  It is the biggest reason why the churches are empty of men above the age of 13.  Thank God my wife wants me to be a man.

Wifey Wednesday: Is Porn Cheating?


Church Ladies: Stop Feminizing Christ

Church Lady

The church was full last Sunday.  HUNDREDS of people worshiping God.

And DOZENS of men.

Why have the men abandoned church?  I submit that American evangelical religion has been feminized.  When the church gets around to preaching Normal behavior of men has been criminalized.

Going fishing with a cooler of beer and talking about women is sinful; looking at naked women is the “number one sin issue facing the church today.”  But a women’s “retreat” discussing “intimacy issues” with a wine and cheese social afterwards is “a good example of how the church can relate to the modern family.”

We can get a special church meeting together to discuss the “health” issues of weight loss, but when is the last time that the church organized a trip to a cage fight.  But I’ll guarantee you that men doing Mixed Martial Arts training are pretty damn healthy.

This Christian blogger condemns the Bible and himself at the same time


Here’s another example of a poor guy who is trying to overcome his regular porn habit by being spiritual about how other people shouldn’t do it.

Here’s his anti-porn argument.  After explicitly including audio, visual, text, pictures, or animation he says

“using porningraphy we are bringing people and activities outside of a Godly marriage into our sex lives, which God has bounded by marriage and love”

How nice that he has added a new command to the Bible. The Bible says nothing about not hearing, seeing, talking about, or drawing sex scenes or the human body.  In fact, in contradiction to this it clearly talks about all of these things, itself.  Solomon is a great sinner this way. But not just Solomon, but GOD HIMSELF becomes a pornographer by his argument, since, remember, all scripture is GOD-BREATHED. But not just Solomon but even Moses becomes a pornographer “And Adam Knew His Wife”  A useless bit of information since it states that Eve got pregnant.

The “Knight” then makes a little better of an argument.  “Much of what is depicted in porn is expressly forbidden by God. ”  Ok, then. We didn’t like ungodly books, so we encouraged some Christians to write Godly books. We got Grace Livingston Hill, Janette Oke etc etc.

But no, the Knight declares, this isn’t good enough because even if we watch a Godly married couple having sex we are somehow committing adultery with them.  Why, because of what is going on in OUR minds.  And here is where the Knight condemns himself.  He states that the man watching porn thinks

“I wish I was there with her, I wish my spouse would do that, I wish my spouse was that fit…”

That’s pretty amazing that he has read my mind this was, because the fact is that I DON’T THINK ANY OF THESE THINGS.   Oh yes, I admire a fine figured woman and I appreciate a beautiful actresses face.  I even admire a guy who has a fine-chiseled chest.  But I don’t want to dump my wife (or my wife to dump me) to get these things.

On the other hand, this guy sure knows a lot about what a man is thinking when he watches porn.. I wonder how he figured that all out…

Let’s face it, because he has ( and don’t lie, DOES ) porn on a not irregular basis. Oh I’m sure he feels very, very guilty about it.   He spends a lot of his time being very judgmental about porn as a result.   Maybe he ought to give up his attempts to stop watching porn and spend more time trying to love his wife.

He then goes onto advice about how to overcome this problem in himself.  Notice that all of his actions are physical. He puts filters on his computer, he goes and confesses at celebrate recovery.  If he really believed that God was so against porn, don’t you think God would help him overcome.

The fact is that God does not lead us into temptation that we can’t bear.  The fact that so many (let’s face, every male with very rare pathological exceptions) Christians cannot live above this “sin” should prove something – even if the Bible’s explicit endorsement of erotic literature in Song of Solomon wasn’t enough.


Remember, Honey, I’m still a guy

I'm Still A Guy

One of the most annoying modern movements of today is the emasculation of men.  I would be less annoyed about it if only it weren’t the Christian women who are the worst at it.

God created men.  He likes masculinity.  He likes a men to get dirty, greasy, to mow their lawns shirtless and sweaty.  To act like Tommy Lee Jones when they are challenged.

And you know what.  Men like to look at naked women.  Always have, always will.  And God doesn’t mind that at all.