I am a Bible Believing Christian

I am a physician and a fundamentalist Christian. I was raised in a fundamentalist/evangelical church. My basic religious beliefs are substantially the same as I was taught by my parents. I have changed my mind on some particulars.
  • I believe that the central fact of history is Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
  • I believe in a single body of absolute TRUTH, as God knows it to be. Not my opinion, not someone else’s opinion, not some group’s traditions and doctrines. As Martin Luther said, “… I am convinced by the testimony of the Holy Scriptures or by evident reason-for I can believe neither pope nor councils alone” All of us wander around the TRUTH – coming closer or further to it as God’s grace guides or our own pride and lust hinders.
  • I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and “Thy Word is Truth.”  Please, could we avoid all of the silly gotcha arguments about “literally true” No, God does not “literally” ride on the heavens and earth is not “literally” his footstool. But, yes, there was a man named Jonah who “literally” was miraculously transported by some sea creature who would be called a “fish” by someone in his time. So, yes, I believe that the Bible is true in the way that mainstream reformed, fundamentalist, and evangelical teachers have explained it over the last 400 years.
Outside of the above facts, all of the doctrines that I was taught are subject to reexamination in the light of scripture and plain reason.   Quote me not the saintly Dr. James Dobson (who is neither a medical doctor nor a psychiatrist) for I don’t recall the angel Moroni giving him any golden plates or magic eye-glasses.
Finally, and most importantly:

I believe

that many evangelicals have assumed that our traditional beliefs are supported by scripture, when, in fact, the Bible says nothing of the sort.  Many of the assumed “Bible Truths” are not Biblical at all, but rather the traditions of our culture that have assumed Biblical Authority.  One of these traditions is a hostility to normal and God-created and God-blessed eroticism.