Success for site

Holy Erotica blog is successful
Success on the first day of a new Christian Erotica blog

The first day of my Holy Erotica site has been successful.  I have found the tools that allow me to get the best tender, passionate, and loving sex and post it in a few seconds.  So far I have found 81 videos that meet my understanding of what God would find pleasing.   I have had already begun to receive quite a bit of traffic.

I have not watched all of the videos (of course – then I would truly have a #PornAddiction 🙂 I am trusting the tags and descriptions that I see, I glance at the thumbnail and use the slider to scroll through the video to make sure that it doesn’t include any sinful or humiliating acts (my guidelines are posted here) I then add a title with twitter tags indicating how I believe that a Christian couple should approach this video.

I pray that Christian men and women viewing these videos will find an increase in joy in their marriage and a decreased temptation toward evil.

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