Christian Porn

Hot Christian Couple
Erotica is good and appropriate for married couples to watch together

Yes, Christian Porn exists.  Yes, you can look at it without guilt.  Yes, God intended you to watch erotica.  And, yes, you can find it here.

And, no it is not an addiction.

So much of the church world is consumed by the “fight against porn” that very little energy is left to preach the gospel and fulfill the great commission.  And, despite all of the efforts to combat it, the usage of porn among church-going people and non-church-going people is exactly the same.   Even the pastors are “addicted”.  (No, they aren’t)

So, let’s do a logic exercise.  If some non-miniscule part of the proclaiming Christian world are serious about their faith, and if some non-miniscule portion of these people are turning to God to help them with the “porn addiction,” and if God is willing to help his saints with this “problem” THEN the statistics of porn usage among proclaiming Christians would be lower than the usage of non-Christians by some non-miniscule degree.

But this is not so.  Christians in America watch porn at the same rate as non-Christians.  So, at least one of the following must be true.

  1. There are a miniscule number of “real” Christians who are asking God for help
  2. God is not willing to help his saints
  3. God doesn’t hate porn.

I suspect that a lot of our self-righteous evangelicals out there will probably choose number 1.   But this is really sad.  I meet way to many people who spend their lives praying, seeking God, living for God for me to believe that they are all deceived.  Why do you think that half of the calls to Focus on the Family are from people trying to find a way to “overcome” porn.  Do you really think that none of them are serious about loving and serving God.  Why would they make such a call if they were not.

Number 2 cannot be chosen by any Christian.

Number 3 is the only logical choice.  And it is confirmed by the Bible.