Christian Feminizers

The new male beauty is feminine, not masculine

Christina Hoff Sommers eviscerates the modern feminist movement in this article.  She explains that the modern feminists have been hijacked by the intersectionality teachers in the universities.


I agree, but there is a worse movement out there, and it is not limited to the leftists and socialists.  It has invaded the churches and the conservative circles and it is not recent.  It is not the feminist but the feminizer movement.  It is the movement to take all of the masculinity away from men.

I am afraid that it began in the churches.  During the social gospel movement of the early 1900’s the evangelicals began to preach a novel doctrine against liquor.  Now by liquor, they were talking about distilled liquor, but their preaching became more radical until by 1950 all fundamentalist/evangelical churches had to preach against beer.

The next step was to preach against men’s “lust,” that is, we had to tell men that their sex drive was ungodly.  So the previous times when lady liberty was shown topless was gone.  Now the possession of a playboy magazine was forbidden.  Boys had to keep it under the mattress and their mother’s warned them against “playing with themselves.”  Therefore they knew that the natural male desire to view the female form was “dirty”, lascivious and one of the works of the flesh.

Now eating meat was on the table.  The churches now began to tell us that we needed to go on “Daniel Fasts” of beans and vegetables.  Eventually they started to tell us that we needed to eat like this all of the time for our “health.”   (BTW, I’m a doctor.  No, vegetarianism is not healthier, and no, vegetarians do not live longer lives).

Now the men’s meetings at the church were eviscerated.  No longer could we go hunting together (you want to kill Bambi?).  We didn’t go fishing together.   No, now all we could do is get together in prayer groups and confess our lust to each other as “accountability partners” and pray for our general unworthiness.

No wonder the church is empty of men.  No wonder boys drop out as soon as they get old enough to tell their Mom, “No.”

Complain about feminists all you want.  Condemn the ideas of the “women’s marches.”  But don’t forget the feminizer in your local congregation.

What are we afraid of?

Something has the church afraid of sex. What is it?

Remember all of those sermons you heard telling you what would happen if you broke the dress code, listened to “worldly” music, drank a beer or looked at “dirty pictures.”   Do you remember the examples.  The young man who ended up addicted to drugs and dying in a car accident.  James Dobson telling us of the story of the serial murderer, Ted Bundy, who was driven to murder by his “porn addiction.”

All of these stories are made up.  Ted Bundy was not driven to murder by porn, but rather by the severe abuse, physical and sexual, he was subjected to as a child.  Every woman who puts on a pair of pants does not end up dying in a car accident or (horror of horrors) having a black man’s baby (I’m not making this up, this is the most common example I was told as a young man).  Every teen who drinks a beer does not end up pushing crack cocaine.

The stories are not the source of the fear, but rather designed to mold fear that already exists.    I would like to find out where this doctrine of “modesty” originated.   It did not originate in the Bible.  The New Testament teaches “modesty” as a matter of ostentation, not as a matter of sex and nakedness.

Unquestionably, the New Testament is against sexual sin.  The first four works of the flesh are “Adultery, fornication, lasciviousness, uncleaness.”   But the ancient world was filled with nudity and depictions of sex and nakedness.  At no time does Paul or the other writers tell the new Christians to remove the naked Roman art from their houses or trash the Greek urns.

But as the dark ages came around, the men were fearful that the barbarians were going to come take their women.  So they started covering them up and hiding their beauty.  Note, that the middle ages had a lot of male nakedness.  This wasn’t a problem.  A swinging peter was normal, but a naked breast….. horrors.

Why?  I think it is because the women were property who had to be protected from theft.  They therefore had to be hidden and bound.

You see this in effect in the Muslim world today.  Go to the beaches of Dearborn, Michigan and see all of the Muslim men in shorts without a shirt, escorting their women who are covered head to toe.

The Christian churches began to turn this on its head a few years ago.  As the men were driven from the churches and the feminizers took over, they did not seek to free the women, but rather bind the men.   If you do a Google search on Christians and porn, you will see that it is the women who are declaring that the men are “addicted to porn” and using this as an excuse to divorce.

What are the women afraid of – that their husbands are going to see some cute young thing and dump them for a newer model?  It’s a strange fear, because a man who wishes to do this will do so whether you have a porn-filter on his computer or not.

A faithful man is faithful not because he is tied and bound, but because he loves his wife.  He finds himself unable and unwilling to imagine a life without her.  They have developed an intimacy that goes beyond sex, but is nevertheless fed by regular maintenance sex.   If a wife really wants to keep her man, she will keep him horny and humping.    One of the tools that she has in her bag is to show him images of nubile young women and then, when he is good and hard, drain his balls.    His connection with his wife (which goes beyond mere sex) is strengthened and he will appreciate her for giving him freedom and trusting that he loves her.

The women who try to hold onto their men by restricting him are like the child who holds his puppy really, really, tight to keep him from running away.

The puppy would rather stay near his master and love him with freedom.    But will struggle for freedom, nevertheless.  Men, like the puppy, resent the restriction and struggle to be free.

Women, give your husband the freedom that he deserves and you will have him forever.