Christian Feminizers

The new male beauty is feminine, not masculine

Christina Hoff Sommers eviscerates the modern feminist movement in this article.  She explains that the modern feminists have been hijacked by the intersectionality teachers in the universities.


I agree, but there is a worse movement out there, and it is not limited to the leftists and socialists.  It has invaded the churches and the conservative circles and it is not recent.  It is not the feminist but the feminizer movement.  It is the movement to take all of the masculinity away from men.

I am afraid that it began in the churches.  During the social gospel movement of the early 1900’s the evangelicals began to preach a novel doctrine against liquor.  Now by liquor, they were talking about distilled liquor, but their preaching became more radical until by 1950 all fundamentalist/evangelical churches had to preach against beer.

The next step was to preach against men’s “lust,” that is, we had to tell men that their sex drive was ungodly.  So the previous times when lady liberty was shown topless was gone.  Now the possession of a playboy magazine was forbidden.  Boys had to keep it under the mattress and their mother’s warned them against “playing with themselves.”  Therefore they knew that the natural male desire to view the female form was “dirty”, lascivious and one of the works of the flesh.

Now eating meat was on the table.  The churches now began to tell us that we needed to go on “Daniel Fasts” of beans and vegetables.  Eventually they started to tell us that we needed to eat like this all of the time for our “health.”   (BTW, I’m a doctor.  No, vegetarianism is not healthier, and no, vegetarians do not live longer lives).

Now the men’s meetings at the church were eviscerated.  No longer could we go hunting together (you want to kill Bambi?).  We didn’t go fishing together.   No, now all we could do is get together in prayer groups and confess our lust to each other as “accountability partners” and pray for our general unworthiness.

No wonder the church is empty of men.  No wonder boys drop out as soon as they get old enough to tell their Mom, “No.”

Complain about feminists all you want.  Condemn the ideas of the “women’s marches.”  But don’t forget the feminizer in your local congregation.

Porn Shocked Wives! Do they have PTSD


Wives shocked by their husband's porn use

She is Shocked! Shocked! to discover that her husband likes sexAccording to this article in an evangelical magazine, women who discover that their husband watches porn meet criteria for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

No, they don’t.  But they do meet criteria for Delusional Disorder if they ever believed that their husband wasn’t going to look at porn.  They still meet it if they believe that their husband is going to be “cured” of his “porn addiction.”

The very first criteria of PTSD is that the person must have experienced a life-threatening event.  Finding out that your husband saw a nekkid woman does not qualify as “life-threatening” in the mind of any reasonable person.  If someone does believe that this is that traumatic then they are delusional and the wife is the one who needs psychiatric treatment – not the husband.

What really upsets me most is the results of a google search of wives discovering husband’s porn use is filled with articles talking about wives divorcing their husbands for this “sin.”   What is amazing is not one of these supposedly Christian articles tell the wife that divorce for this cause is absolutely, completely, and totally wrong and ungodly.

If the Christian church stands for anything in this culture, it should be for the preservation of the family.  Yet these women (it is invariably a female writer of the article) are willing to break up homes over an activity that they know is universal.  Every Christian husband has looked at porn.  So, according to these “Christian” writers, NO MARRIAGE SHOULD LAST.

This is evil.  When given a choice between destroying every family in the country and re-considering their anti-erotica position, they would rather be destroyers than admit that they are wrong.

This is the natural result of allowing the church to be taken over by the feminizers.  Not only are men to be driven out of the church, they are also to be driven from the home for their “toxic masculinity.”

If your wife falls under the influence of these destroyers, be a man.  Tell her that you will not bow to the doctrines of devils that have taken over the church.  You will not be forbidden to eat meat or to marry.  You will be a man.  You will continue to like sex and you will continue to have sex with her and her alone, but you will not cut off your balls to obey a teaching hatched in hell.