Best of Holy Erotica 1/3/2018

There have been several changes over at our companion site  Firstly, we are auto-importing all of our searches into draft-status every day.   Previously, each search was manually done.  Now we can assure that each day we will look through somewhere near 40 new items.  About 20 to 30 of these items we will not use because they are anal/bondage/lesbian/threesome/group/homemade or just poor quality.  So each day you should see between 10 and 20 new quality couple and solo erotica show up.

Secondly, I am loosening up the standards a bit on music videos.  I won’t not import a good video just because it flashes a few lesbian scenes.  If the quality is, in general, erotic and couple themed, I let it through the filter.

This week we started importing the work of some individual porn stars and, addition have some nice celebrity and music videos.

Please forgive me if I accidentally let some videos through that have the any of the rotten stuff through.  I try to go by the titles and pictures.  I, obviously, do not watch this much porn and am not going to go through all of it, scene by scene.

Bo Derek in Woman of Desire (Ok, I’m old enough to still get hot over “You Jane”)

Lena Paul beautiful scene


Interacial Scene

Police Interrogation like you’ve never seen it before

Ramon Nomar, Latin Lover

Poolside Softcore

Enjoy, and remember to love your wife and MAKE love to her many times a week.