Welcome Peter as a new author and editor

Help in time of need


A little while ago a user contacted me about some of the videos on HolyErotica.com not living up to the standards that I promised and that the Bible proclaims.  I appreciated his helping me this way, and so I have offered, and he has accepted, the role of editor and author on EroticChristian.com and HolyErotica.com.    He has already cleaned up large numbers of videos that should not have been on HolyErotica.  I bulk import videos and attempt to look them over before publishing them, but I have not been watching them as carefully as I should.  I, obviously, could not (and would not want to) watch every one of the over 2300 videos on the site and I have used a very loose screen on letting things through.


Peter is helping me with that, and I appreciate it.


In addition, Peter may be writing some articles for EroticChristian.com.  He is a young man and I hope that he can bring some fresh perspective to the site.


Welcome Peter.

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