What Playboy could do with their powerful brand

Playboy was a “Men’s Magazine”

At Instapundit, there is a link to a Wall Street Journal article that discusses the possibility of Playboy Magazine ceasing publication.   This is long overdue.  The day of men’s magazines is over.  When I was a boy, we got our first glimpse of porn at the supermarket, where Playboys were on the front rack, in easy reach.    The front cover didn’t show the full picture, but if no one was looking, you could grab the magazine and get a quick look — BOOOOOOOBIES.

Dave Barry once said that breasts are the only thing that get the same reaction from males from 1 day old to 90 years.

Playboy celebrated the masculine life.  Fast cars, great steak, cold beer, and beautiful girls with big BOOOOBIES.  It was the ultimate “Men’s Magazine”

In the early days, and even more through the ’80’s, Hugh Hefner was naturally aligned with the democrat party.   The feminized evangelicals had come to power in the GOP and Ronald Reagan – who often went shirtless in his movies and had no problems with sex depictions – was suddenly the puritan’s friend.  The Moral Majority and Christian Coalition spent all of their might and power fighting against sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll and therefore died.  The final gasp was Ken Staff and the impeachment of Bill Clinton.   As a result, Playboy was naturally on the side of the democrats.

This was foolish of Hefner, because at the same time that the republicans were wasting their efforts fighting against sex, the democrats were moving to destroy masculinity, itself.   The LGBTQABCDZZZZZZZ crowd were in total control.  The majority of the DNC was made up of LGBT.  The democrat party became the home of vegetarians and vegans, anti-gun fanatics, gays and lesbians, girly men, and man-hating third-wave feminists.

Hugh Hefner could have done one of two things.  He could have either joined the Republican party and respectfully argued with Jerry Falwell but worked together with him on red-blooded American issues (communism, guns, masculine nutrition).  Or he could have stayed in the Democrat party and worked to keep a home there for manly men.  But he was old and a man of the ’50’s in a world he did not fully understand (and didn’t try, because there was always another bunny to distract him)

Playboy is still stuck in the old ways.  It’s magazine is still the flagship.  It produces some great erotica at Playboy.tv – I especially like the Crave and “Digital Diaries” lines, as the “Adult Film School” and solo female pictures.  But these offerings are little known.  They don’t publish examples on HBO or Cinemax.   They have not worked with Roku to offer anything worth seeing.   They don’t even publish teasers on the free porn sites.

They simply have the Playboy.tv website and the playboy channel, which is overpriced in the days of easily accessed free porn.

The world of Porn is dominated by Brazzer’s, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Digital Playground, and Bang Brothers.     Frankly these houses produce mainly low-quality filthy junk like “Screw my wife” and “Anally destroyed.”

Playboy could change all of this.  They already have the correct attitude toward video production.  Most of their videos are high quality.  Some of it is softcore, some of it is hardcore without all of the violence and perversion.  They are still showcasing beautiful girls having joyful sex with young well-developed men.

Why not expand their production.  Why not go the Cinemax/HBO/Netflix/Amazon route and start producing quality dramas that are not ashamed of sex.   Come out with a Sopranos or Spartacus or Rome or Vikings or Tudors that have sex scenes but also have a story to tell.  Since they are playboy, they don’t have to be so careful to make the scenes softcore.

And while they are at it.  Why not make friends with the new right-wing.  The GOP has found a way to tolerate Donald Trump (the model of Hugh Hefner’s successful playboy) why not hire some conservative pundits and put out a good political show or two.

Playboy has a powerful brand.  It is associated with low-level erotica and quality political articles and has a reputation for avoiding the perversion that Penthouse reveled in.   Why not use it?

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