Why I couldn’t conquer my #PornAddiction

Watching Porn

For 40 years I tried to conquer my “Porn Addiction”  I would occasional confess all to my wife, other times sneak out to the magazine wrack. At times I made it whole months before falling back.

I finally realized why I couldn’t conquer it.  God won’t help you avoid that which he has created you to enjoy.

I am a psychiatrist and I deal with people’s addictions all of the time.  In order for something to be an addiction it has to have a significant negative effect on a person’s life.

But the fact is that the only negative effect porn has on a person’s life is the effect that is CREATED BY THE SHAME-ON-YOU attitude of OTHER PEOPLE.

Let me give an example.  Coffee and Sugar are “addictions” if you define them only as the brain having a certain dopamine reaction to their consumption.  If you imaged my brain, you would find that my wife is my “addiction” in the sense that I can’t stand not being with her, I would go into a severe withdrawal depression if she died.

When I married her, there was a lot of opposition from her family.  It caused a lot of difficulties between them.  But that did not make our love an “addiction” because the harm to our life was not from our love itself, but from other people’s reaction to it.

Similarly, when our Christian society gets over its unbiblical opposition to eroticism, then we will find out that porn is rarely an “addiction” at all.

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