Why is the #WarOnPorn so popular?


Because it is a #WarOnMen

Let’s start with the “Undeniable Fact of Life”  All men look at nekkid wimmen.

This includes the most faithful Christian husband out there.  All studies say the same.  A man’s belief or lack of belief in God has no effect on his porn viewing habits.  Trying the “Pray away the porn” will never be successful.

If that is so, then why are all of these Christian wives working so hard and why is every Christian Men’s meeting at church take anti-porn agenda as their major goal.

Because Satan has snuck into our society a hatred of masculinity.  Every masculine attribute – hairy chests, hunting Bambi, working in a greasy mechanic’s garage, and, yes, looking at and talking about sex has been treated with disdain.  Now our Christian women gather in their women-only groups in their 80% women church with all of the other divorced women in the church and talk about how the problem is the MEN.

But the fact is, that men have quit trying to please these women.  They have retreated into perpetual bachelorhood where stripper bars, easy women, and porn meets their sexual needs.

The #WarOnMen has redefined porn as cheating and the result is men who have no choice but to cheat, since all of them (that is ALL of them) look at porn although most of them intended to be faithful husbands.

Thank God my wife likes my manhood (both literally and figuratively)

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