Your Mama was wrong

The normal viewing of pornography is neither sinful nor ungodly, despite what Mama said. Jesus condemned lust, not erotic arousal. The Bible supports the creation of erotic art. The mainstream Christian world did not condemn nude or erotic art for 1800 years. The early Christians were nude in public without guilt. The modern evangelical attitude towards erotica and pornography is not based in scripture or Christian tradition, but is rather the outgrowth of William Wilberforce’s “reformation of manners” and the resulting Victorian moralist views of the 19th century and the Social Gospel of the early 20th century. Finally, as New Testament Christians, our question should not be, “Is porn sin.” We should rather, using scripture as our guide, ask, “Does watching porn make our lives (and our neighbors lives) more or less Godly, fulfilled, and healthy?” I believe that the question can be “Yes.”
I will develop each of these themes in a separate post.

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